Friday, 1 February 2013

Our 2012 crafting season began with an event at Parklands Leisure Centre in Oadby on the 25th of March, weather was cold but we were warm inside.
Foot fall was reasonable and well attended, yet trading was slow, economic conditions must be a factor too.

As the year progressed the weather didn't improve and a number of  events had to be cancelled due to the amount of rain and waterlogged conditions, Foxton Locks was cancelled in 2012 due to wet and waterlogged conditions
A major event in the crafting calender was at Foxton Locks.
We attended in 2011, this is a two day weekend event, there are many different crafts on display within the craft marquee and in separate gazebos spread around the area.
There were also a viking settlement with battle re-enactments and talks given about viking home life, a small fun fair, a marquee that serves refreshments and doubles as a music venue in the evenings, there were many more but you need to judge for your self.

Traveling further into the year the weather was consistently bad, most weekends were wet and windy, this was especially a pain when erecting our gazebo, trying to hold onto the material covering when the wind wants to blow it away while raining hard was a challenge!
I think the summer passed us by this year, conspicuous by its absence!
Trading for most of the year was different at each venue, generally fairly good and excellent footfall too.

The later part of the year saw an increase in customers interest and purchase,mainly the season and impending thoughts of Christmas present buying.
This is the time of year when we start to theme our stall towards the Christmas gifts and traditional crafts.
Our ever popular home made chocolates and non-alcoholic mulled wine was started in earnest, three times we needed to replenish our stocks of each because of being sold out!

Each craft will find the customer base that suits and will target that venue, our crafts are particularly enjoyed when attending venues attached to schools, mainly primary.
Another well attended venue was Hinckley Library, we were invited to attend this venue on the strength of our blogs pictures and the description of our crafting concern.

When attending different craft fairs during the year you will see people from other craft fairs that you previously attended, when your face gets known within in the crafting community you will find yourself being invited by word of mouth and occasionally by email to attend various craft events.
This can make searching for an appropriate event easier and give you the assurance that your craft wares are  appreciated enough to warrant an invite.  

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Christmas is coming.....

Where HAS this year gone?  October already, and Richard and I are starting on the Christmas crafts, our first Christmas fair is just 4 weeks away !  We have decided on which new  ( and old favourite) chocolates and sweets we will make, prepare the mulled wines,  make chutneys and jams, I have already made a few seasonal crafts...
Fleece snowmen table decoration.

A sack to hold all those prezzies !

Love making these!

8" Christmas mice all cozied up !

7" Christmas table dressings.


6"tall dressed mouse.

Elf fudge!

Tree decorations.

14" elves.

10" muffled up snowmen !

Snowballs you can throw indoors - extra light, so no bruises! 8 in a bag.

Ol'  Ho Ho Ho himself!

16"Reindeer, in his warm scarf.
   This is just the beginning.... lots more things to make, specially beautifully designed choc filled bags, boxes and packets.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Melton Mowbray Show, June 2012

Melton Mowbray , famous for it's pork pies, hosted it's annual show this month. We attended with our stall.

Richard, fooling about with a Tarantula ( knitted!!!)

We were under canvas, in a rather large marquee. At least the rain kept away this year!


Lots of things going on at the show, Falconry....

Some sort of HAMSTER-LIKE ride !!!!

Monster trucks.....

 And my favourites, KNIGHTS JOUSTING !!!! 

To finish the day, a couple of parachutists dropped in.....

It stayed dry, warm and was a really enjoyable day ! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Whetstone Pastures Farm Christmas Fayre 2011

Whetstone Farm was the final craft fair of the year, and we loved it! We first visited the 600 acre farm, situated in South Leicestershire, in the autumn, when we picked our fruit for the jams. It's a PICK-YOUR-OWN farm, growing a wide range of fruit and veg. Waking up to a clear crisp winter's day, the car was loaded and we headed for the farm.
   Setting up our multi-craft stall was a joy, it was bursting with festive goodies such as Robin Pooh (!), white choc truffles, santas, snowmen, hand-stitched decorations. Gosh what a cold day, but we kept warm by drinking non-alcoholic mulled wine, which we make, sell, and dish out samples!

                                                            Our dressed Mulled wines!

                                         The event was officially opened by a local Councillor.

The highlight for me was the Nativity, the barn backdrop was perfect. In trooped youngsters dressed as shepherds, angels, Mary and Joseph and of course the baby Jesus. Carols were sung, and when the young voices sang "Little donkey, little donkey, got a heavy load" and Martha the donkey plodded slowly in as if to say " yes...I'm coming"... well I filled up !!!!

 Whetstone Pastures Farm do wonderful work for charity, what a hard-working lot! One of the attractions were the Newfoundland Rescue Dogs ( great big friendly characters who we have visited before at Watermead Park,where they jumped into icy water and pulled "stranded" boats back to shore.....BRRRR !  )
At Whetstone, they had a different job - pulling youngsters on Santa's sleigh!

Truly a wonderful festive day, and a perfect end of year craft event. We hope we will be invited back !

Last craft fairs of the year....

Well... hasn't this year gone quickly?  It's Dec 31st, and I'm just finishing the last entry of the year. Saturday we exhibited at the St Wiston Church Christmas Festival. Gosh, how beautiful is this??? There must have been at least 30 trees set up inside the church... every one was themed. The stall was situated in the tea room next door.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

Yup ... it's THAT time again, and we have lots of Christmas craft fairs coming up...  thank heavens my hands are up to it! Just had Carpal Tunnel Decompression ops on BOTH hands - look ! (Do I hear a sigh of sympathy? LOL ) And look how small the scar/cut is..... I've seen HUGE scars after the same ops on other folk... .and I still managed to make crafts !!!!


OK on to lovely things... new for this Christmas craft fairs are:  Non-alcoholic bottles of mulled wine dressed as Santas and snowmen!

We have Christmas tree decorations, knitted baby penguins, (sold out of these in one show), little knitted teddies, our own hand made chocs and sweets as usual, gingerbread men - knitted and felt, decorated lollies, snowmen mint creams,  hand sewn snowmen, sewn gingerbread men and hearts garlands, Snowman soup, boozy Christmas cakes, kitty angels, too many more to mention!

   These lovely snowmen angels are made in cream fleece with orange Sculpy Clay noses !

                                           Baby knitted penguins, with felt feet and beaks.

Our first Christmas fair was 19th November at Ravenstone. It's always a bit hectic setting up the stall, but at least it was indoors in the warm, and NOT outside in a gazebo! We did well trade-wise, people were lovely... lots of giggles and chatting ! We dished out samples of hot mulled wine - we don't have a license to sell alcohol, so it had to be non-alcoholic.  Chocolates were sampled too...

                                       Ravenstone craft Fair - 19th November 2011.

Our next Christmas Fair is Friday 2nd Dec at Gilmorton School, Saturday 3rd Dec we are at Palace Craft Fair, Ibstock  and 4th Dec we are at the Markfield Community Centre.